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Why choose Hend Consulting?

Having the right insurance in place is absolutely essential.  It is often thought of and rarely actioned until it is too late.  This simply could be due to time constraints or information online being over confusing. We discuss all the available options and help you put the suitable cover in place.

Offering a bespoke advisory service to help you navigate the range of insurance protection options on offer and come up with a solution that truly meets you and your families needs.

Right from our initial fact-finding session, we’ll start the process of managing your needs. Taking the time to get to know you and understand your circumstances. That way, you have the peace of mind that you are adequately protected without paying over the odds.  Advising you in the direction of  life cover, critical illness insurance, income protection also private healthcare and support in the
event of an accident or illness. We can recommend trusted accountants, mortgage advisers, pension advisors, as well as will writing services. Hend Consulting will contact you periodically, to ensure your cover stays relevant.

We are flexible in the way we offer our services, either via telephone, video call, and occasionally we visit our clients if required.

Insurance advice for individuals, business owners, contractors & the self-employed.

Insurance, Cover & Protection options

Whether you are an employee, self employed or a business owner – it really pays to ensure you are properly protected. Below are just some of the insurance products that should be explored.

Relevant Life Cover​

A highly tax-efficient way to supply a director or employee of a limited company with life cover of large value. The company pays for the policy and the premiums aren’t classed as a benefit in kind or P11D for the person covered. Your business claims corporation tax relief, but the pay-out is still going to the nominated beneficiaries decided by the person covered.

Critical Illness Cover

This cover is designed to pay out a lump sum or monthly payment in the unfortunate diagnosis of a specified critical illness. This is a very important cover, as typically people don't have the funds available to survive if they are diagnosed as critically ill and unable to earn. The cover is payable tax-free upon diagnosis, removing financial stress at a testing time.

Life Cover

This cover is available to anyone, regardless of their employment status. Usually, it is taken by someone who doesn’t run their own company, and paid for personally. You can opt for cover to protect yourself or, alternatively, both you and your partner. There is also a ‘second death’ policy, which pays out when the last-surviving partner dies. Most commonly, life cover is taken by permanent employees to cover the costs of a mortgage or help with the costs of raising children.

Income Protection

This cover is a long-term protection option, designed to replace income by paying you a monthly benefit in the event that you are unable to work through accident or illness. It continues to pay out until you are medically approved to work and, if not, then until the end of the policy. Premiums vary widely, depending on the type of cover you want or need.

Private Healthcare

This cover is designed to complement the NHS and not replace it. You will have access to many options for treatment, consultation and care that aren’t available to patients on the health service. You can also get much faster treatment without waiting lists. We can help you design the policy specifically for your needs, including the type of cover that is important to you. It can be for one person or multiple individuals.

Executive Income Protection

This cover is designed to protect you and your business and is treated much like a relevant life cover, without any benefit-in-kind or P11D impact. The policy is owned by the company and pays the company a monthly income in the event that the person covered is incapacitated and not working. That way, a regular income is coming in during an uncertain time

Keyman and Shareholder Protection

Shareholder protection policy provides a payout to allow shareholders, partners or directors to purchase the shares of another shareholder. Key person insurance, on the other hand, pays out in the event that a key employee or director passes away

We help you find the right insurance policy at the right price

A message from Hend Consulting’s founder Nathan Ansell

“It’s not always easy to find the right cover without help and support. Having worked for eight years in the insurance industry prior to setting up my company in May 2019, I wanted to put my extensive knowledge to good use. My focus is always helping clients find exactly the right policy that gives you the peace of mind you are searching for with this type of cover.”
“For me, treating clients fairly isn’t just a statement or slogan. It reflects the whole way I approach my work and is one of the reasons that I receive so many referrals. I believe you deserve to understand how insurance products actually work and how they may – or may not – help you.”
“Having worked with large numbers of clients over the years, I have seen first hand the importance of having policies that pay out for death, injury or accident. A well suited and comprehensive protection, makes a real difference for many families.”

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The main aim is to help educate and advise clients on how insurance products work, and how they may or may not help them. Helping thousands of clients over the years, he has seen policies payout for deaths, injuries and accidents. This makes doing what he does all the more worth it, as he sees the other side and what good insurance does do for many families.


What does that mean?

Found in Middle English and meaning ‘expert, skilful, clever’, hend comes from the word for ‘hand’, and originally meant ‘near at hand’. In a similar line are the words well-handed and habile.


We take time to get to know you & your needs